Should I call animal control?

I was wondering if I should call animal control on my neighbors dog for neglect. Whenever I walk past this house with my dogs this dog goes crazy and starts constantly barking and runs back and forth along the fence. This is one of those metal fence so I am able to see through it. The dog will stop once we are out of sight and I also notice he does this to other people that are just walking past the house that do not even have a dog. The fence to the yard is right up against the sidewalk. I usually walk across the street to avoid this dog and even when I’m 50 feet away he still barks. The other day I thought this dog was hurt so when up to the fence to check on it and he just turned around and starts barking at me. I only saw the owner once tell the dog to shut up which obviously did not work other than that they are never outside with the dog. I also noticed that the bottom of the fence to starting to become loose. Is it worth it to call animal control on this issue for this dog being neglected or I’m I just overreacting?
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  1. Does the dog have shelter and water? Those would be key factors in the UK, it may differ where you are.

  2. I wouldn’t say this is neglect as-is. Lack of training, yes, but not neglect on its own. But you could call animal.control citing your concern over the fence’s containment and the dog being a potential danger if you wish.

  3. Animal control told me that if the dog has access to water and shelter then the owner isn’t breaking any laws even in the summer. Luckily they still came to check on the dog anyway, turns out they needed medical assistance so I’m glad that I called. I would definitely give animal control a call as you mentioned that there is no shelter or shade so I’m sure they’ll want to pay a visit.

  4. I’ve had multiple issues with multiple neighbors, calling the cops and animal control. Nothing ever got done. All it did was depress the shit out of me. My advice: have someone come and steal the dog. That’s the only way this dog is going to get justice and have a good life. I hate to say it, but that’s the truth. The system sucks. So, have someone steal it. You can’t steal it. You’ll get caught. And you can’t know any of the details of what day or time or how this dog is going to get rescued. You know nothing.

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