Competing with your French Bulldog

Dog Shows, Trials and Field Events give dogs and their owners the ability to have fun, show off their training, and experience teamwork. With more than 22,000 annual AKC events, there is an abundance of opportunities to get involved in a number of sports.

Competing with your French BulldogIf you think that you would like to compete in AKC events with your French Bulldog, you can learn about the various types of competitive events on the .  There you will find descriptions of  (how well your dog conforms to the Breed Standard);  a variety of , which includes Rally, Obedience, Agility, and Tracking; and , competitions for young people aged 9 to 18.

Before you can compete in any kind of an event, your Frenchie must be trained!  Your breeder should be able to advise you about what kind of training the dog will need and how to locate the appropriate class and trainer.  Your local all-breed club may also offer classes if your breeder is not familiar with what is available in your area.  If your Frenchie is being shown in any event, but particularly in conformation, it’s important that s/he be presented in good condition:  healthy, clean, toe nails clipped, ears cleaned, etc..  Once you get involved in training your dog for some type of competition . . . show handling, obedience or agility . . .  your trainer may also be able to advise you on upcoming shows and matches in the area, or you can visit the website.

The  explains the rules for the various competitive events, and it is essential that you understand these.  Also, many dog shows have the same information available as printed brochures for new exhibitors, and you can pick these up free of charge at the shows.  These materials are also available as downloadable publications from the AKC website.  Many dog shows offer briefings for new exhibitors, usually held at the Saturday show, and presented by the AKC Representative and a member of the Show Committee.  Check with the Show Chairman to find out whether such a briefing is scheduled, and if so, when and where it is to be held.

To learn about showing in Conformation, Companion events, or Junior Showmanship, please see the links that are given in the following sections: Competing in Conformation, Competing in Companion Events, and Competing in Junior Showmanship.

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