Local or Regional Club Membership

The following information pertains to local and regional clubs that are interested in membership into the FBDCA. This information is also available in the FBDCA Bylaws, located in Article I Section 1(e), Section 2, and Section 3(b).

Local or Regional Club Membership is open to local French Bulldog Clubs that have a minimum of twenty (20) members and have received recognition from the American Kennel Club, Inc. to hold licensed Specialty Events or approved to hold Sanctioned B Events.

A local club, after complying with the eligibility requirements, must apply to the Secretary by mailing a letter of request  along with a copy of its By-laws, a list of its officers, directors, members and their addresses.  Such application must be accompanied by the current dues.  Affirmative votes of 2/3 of the Directors present at a meeting of the Board or 2/3 of the entire Board voting by mail, shall be required to elect a local club into membership.

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