The Joy Award – Obedience / Rally

The Joy Award for Outstanding Achievement In Obedience and/or Rally

The award was first approved in 2012. The Honors & Awards Committee believed that most dogs with major achievements in rally will eventually move to the related field of obedience, thus the decision to not create separate awards for each field.

About the Lifetime Achievement Awards for Dogs:

Purpose: Lifetime Achievement Awards are intended to honor FBDCA member-owned dogs who have achieved significant distinction in an AKC recognized activity other than conformation. A dog many only earn one of these awards once, and the award is given for extraordinary lifetime achievement.

Application & Award: The Lifetime Achievement Awards will not necessarily be given
yearly. Members who believe there is a dog worthy of such an award may nominate their
own dog or any dog owned by another member in writing no late than the deadline set yearly by the Honors & Awards Committee of any calendar year for award at that year’s FBDCA Awards Banquet. Awards will only be given upon a recommendation of a majority of the Honors & Awards Committee with approval by the FBDCA Board. The deadline to nominate any dog for a lifetime achievement award for 2014 is July 31, 2014. Please submit your nomination to the FBDCA Honors & Awards Committee Chair, Allen Weinberg, at a.g.weinberg[at]gmail[dot]com before the deadline.

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