Resources provided by the FBDCA

The FBDCA provides a variety of resources to enlighten you on the French Bulldog breed. Our resources cover areas such as french bulldog health, behavior, training, breeder development, judges education, and rescue.

The website is new, and we are still in the process of moving our resources from our old site to this new site. If you are unable to find a specific resource or you would like to inquire about information on a specific topic, please contact us via .


So you want to buy a French Bulldog – Considering a Frenchie? Read this article.


Finding a good vet for your Frenchie _ How to go about finding a Frenchie friendly Veterinarian.
A Letter to my Vet – This is a great article for owners, breeders, and veterinarians.
Health Testing & Registries
French Bulldog Health & Conformation
Routine care of French Bulldog ears (AKC Gazette article “Lend Me Your Bat Ears”)
Caring for an older French Bulldog
Brachycephalic Syndrome


Training your French Bulldog

Breeder Development:
Breeding a French Bulldog
Should I breed?
To Improve the French Bulldog breed
Using pedigrees to breed better French Bulldogs
Genetic Aspects of Developing a Healthy Breeding Program for the French Bulldog

Judges Education:
Judging French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Rescue

Estate Planning with your Frenchie in mind
Disaster Preparedness for Frenchies

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