Breeding a French Bulldog

Breeding French Bulldogs is not an easy endeavor. It requires patience and experience, and is not a task that should be taken lightly.

Before you decide to breed your French Bulldog, you must learn a lot, find a good mentor, and be prepared for significant expense without any guaranty of success.  A good breeder is one whose goal is to improve the breed and produce sound puppies of good temperament and conformation.

Before you decide to breed, please ask yourself the following question: Should I breed?

Breed to improve the health and temperament of the French Bulldog. Different breeders may have different approaches to this.  Here is some food for thought.

What does “Improve the Breed” mean to you?  Health, conformation, temperament?  Long or short term improvement?  Learn what it means to Improve the Breed.

People talk a lot about pedigrees.  But what type of pedigree, and how can it be used to select a mate for your Frenchie?  Learn how you can use pedigrees to breed better French Bulldogs. We also strongly encourage you to learn about health testing and health registries.

We also recommend Dr. Jerrold Bell’s Powerpoint presentation, “Genetic Aspects of Developing a Healthy Breeding Program for the French Bulldog” presented at the 2009 FBDCA National Specialty.

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