my dog squealed

hi everyone,
squealing is the best way i can describe it…she’s resting, then she just opens her mouth and a high pitch noise comes out…and she goes back to resting….has anyone ever come across their dog doing this? it only started happening this year. and it’s not everyday……i explained to the vet but they said she is healthy. heart is good, lungs and other organs are good…it worries me because we are air travelling soon….she is a senior so i’m just wondering

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  1. That squealing symptom was the beginning of my late Border Collie’s decline, and began at about 12.5 yrs old. I found it very confusing for quite some time, until she began to develop minor seizures. I started her on a CBD (human grade) regimine which made her better for about 6 months.
    Hope you find the problem!

  2. My two dogs love playing, my wolfhound and my chiweenie. One of their favorite things to do is the wolfhound runs around and my chiweenie tries to chase

    When she falls behind chasing him, she lets out this loud squeal/bark type noise.

    Is this just a noise she is making because she can’t catch up to him or because she is hurting? She seems fine until she falls behind on following him.

  3. My chiweenie is a little brat that whines when she doesn’t get her way so perhaps yours is just a whiner too?? Have you noticed any limping or something to indicate pain other than the whining ?

  4. My 14-years old sweet beautiful boy boy Toby crossed the rainbow bridge a week ago.

    He was all fine and his usual self earlier in the morning and then minutes after, he let out an ear wrenching scream – he was a usually quiet dog, so it was a surprise to all of us. We all rushed in to check on him, but he was already non-responsive. He did made few deep breaths while I was holding him in my arms – not sure if it was him trying to come back or it was just the process of letting go of life but seconds after, no more heartbeats detected.

    Still, we rushed him to the vet so they can properly do CPR and check for trauma but was pronounced gone afterwards.

    We even had a check-up (for his ear) the day before he passed and everything was all well as per vet.

    I’m very very confused right now. I don’t know what happened, and there were no signs as well. I worry if he was in pain or what he felt that time. My mind can’t process it, my heart won’t accept it. I still cannot believe it.

    Anyone else had the same experience? Please help me shed some light…

    I’m devastated that we did not have the chance to fight. He was taken so unexpectedly. I miss him all the time. I always feel like he is just around the house, sleeping like usually does.

    Edit: Read all your comments (as in all of it, everything under my post) and I tried to reply in the first few hours but got too overwhelmed and lost for words.

    Thank you. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for reminding me that he lived a good life. Thank you for telling me that grief and pain is normal to feel during this time. Thank you for telling me to not forget to take care of myself. Thank you for for understanding and sharing the pain. Thank you for the medical explanations, the energy cannot be created nor destroyed explanation. Thank you for all the comforting and kind words.

    I miss my sweet boy all the time. I miss his happy face. I miss his fluffy scruffy hair. I miss just randomly waking him up just because I want to hug him and he happily obliges. I still breakdown and cry every time I think of him.

    I still have 3 boys here with me. One is a 14 year old chihuahua who is Toby’s soulmate. I love him to bits and he’s a bit fragile due to his age. Every time I see him or he tries to get my attention, I always give him a pat or carry him. With the 2 younger ones as well. I love these 2 very much even if they are rowdy and troublemakers.

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