I don’t want to talk to you on my walks!

I know not everyone feels this way and some people are probably going to hate this. But for myself, I don’t always want to stop and talk to people when I’m walking my dogs! I have two unique to my area dogs that don’t get seen a lot, so I know that people can get excited seeing them and that’s fine! They’re super handsome I get it haha! I take them for a quick walk to do their business on my lunch break everyday and everyday we get stoped all the time by people wanted to talk about them and play with them. Together they’re almost 200 pounds of drooly dog, when they’re excited or trying to pull away from you that’s a lot of dog! I just want to enjoy my break with them! I don’t want to answer the same 5 questions 10 times while strangers manhandle their faces! Our walks are our little family time and we enjoy that. I’ve tried sunglasses, headphones, the biggest RBF I can manage, changing our routes and times. Doesn’t make any difference. Today we got stoped or called out to 6 times, one group ran over and started playing with their ears while I was trying to pick up poop for gods sake! I don’t always feel this way, sometimes I’m happy to chat with people. But sometimes I just want to walk and not have people taking our pictures or yelling out ‘what breed is that?!’ From their cars while I watch them almost hit someone. Rant rant rant I know! But just, if you see a person or dogs that don’t seem interested in talking to you, just leave them alone please

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  1. I can’t imagine people stopping their cars or asking to take pictures! That’s nuts!!

    I get the same 3 things

    What breed is she? (Don’t know she’s a rescue) oh I bet she’s a (insert breed they used to have)

    Is that a baby greyhound? (No he’s a whippet. Like a greyhound, but smaller)

    Why does she wear booties/how do you get her to wear them? (Vets orders/slowly)

    Usually said over my shoulder as I try to hurry by lol

  2. My strategy is to never stop walking even as they’re trying to talk to me. I may answer their question or slightly engage as not to be too rude but I don’t make eye contact much and I use my body language to make it clear I’m moving on.

  3. I have a corgi and the amount of sheer creepiness I experience is enough to make me never want a corgi again. And it’s not even my dog’s fault, which frustrates me the most! He’s super friendly, loves everyone and everything. While I like that he is friendly, I try my best to keep him safe from his own overly-friendliness. Just because he’s sweet as cherry pie doesn’t mean the person or dog he wants to see are the same way.

    I’ve literally been doing the standing around, waiting for him to finish his business when some creepy af lady pulls up in her car next to me, grinning like crazy. If my dog hadn’t been right in the middle of it all, I would’ve picked him up and left; it was that creepy. She asked to take a picture. My nervous, awkward, someone-who-struggles-to-say-no (I’m working on it) self, said yes and then three little girls just leap from the car and surround my dog and I. Like, I said okay to a picture, not being swarmed. My grandma didn’t understand why I was so freaked out.

    I’ve had people ask for photos, stare at us, etc. I’ve got a lot of anxiety, so that stuff REALLY bothers me. I know he’s not the only corgi in our neighborhood, I’ve seen at least three others around. I’ve gotten to the point that we take late night walks and I ignore people who try to say anything beyond he’s cute or well mannered. Or I scoop him up and leave.

    Also, as a fun joke, we call my corgi my Emotional Unsupportive Animal. My dog isn’t good at dealing with my anxiety, because if I get overwhelmed or start crying, he leaves the room and refuses pets. It used to bother me (coming from a sweet dog who’d come to me if I was crying), but now I laugh with people about it. People get a kick out of the joke.

    Sorry for the long post, and for formatting issues. I’m a mobile user.

  4. When I lived in Iowa it was so thick with fake friendliness I could’ve choked to death. Literally had a guy under 20 and a woman over 65 both try to climb in my window to get a dog pat when I lived on ground floor. It was so draining

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