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The FBDCA Board approved a Registry of Merit on September 16, 2002.  The Awards Committee in consultation with the Health & Genetics Committee has, from time to time, made revisions to the requirements for the ROM which are approved by the FBDCA Board.  The current requirements are listed below.

This Registry has been designed to recognize those dogs and bitches who, by their genetic makeup, and their use in a breeding program are improving the health of the French Bulldog, and are attempting to bring about greater conformance to the breed standard.

Registry of Merit

There is a multi-tiered set of awards for admission to the Registry of Merit.  To be admitted to the Registry, the dog or bitch must be shown to be sound, healthy, and of breeding quality in addition to achieving an AKC title or titles, whether Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Therapy (THD) or other Performance Event.  Please note that a CGC is a prerequisite to all level of ROM, but is not considered a “Title” for purposes of ROM.

Higher levels of ROM awards recognize not only the dog or bitch’s quality, but also their ability to pass these characteristics on to their progeny.  There are four different levels of achievement, which are designated as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

1. Requirements for Admission to any level of the Registry of Merit

A.  The Dog or Bitch must be owned or co-owned by an FBDCA member in good standing.
B.  The Dog or Bitch must be AKC Registered.
C.  The Dog or Bitch must be positively identified in accordance with AKC policy.
D.  The Dog or Bitch must be free of disqualifying faults.
E.  A Dog or Bitch admitted to the Registry of Merit must have on record:

  • A CHIC number which includes a hip certification of fair or better if by OFA, or a PennHip score placing the dog in the 60th percentile or better, or an OVC grade of normal.
  • A “normal” OFA cardiac certification.
  • A “normal” OFA patellar certification.
  • An eye examination resulting in issuance of an OFA or CERF number showing the dog is free of heritable eye disease.
  • Proof of genetic testing for juvenile cataracts with either a “clear” or “carrier” result.  “Affected” dogs will be excluded.  Alternatively, in lieu of a DNA test result, any ROM applicant may also be found “cleared by parentage” if “clear” results are submitted for the dog’s sire and dam.

F.  The Dog or Bitch must have earned a CGC certificate.
G.  The Dog or Bitch must have demonstrated excellence in type and or performance.

2.  Bronze level, ROM

A.  To obtain a Bronze level ROM, a dog or bitch must meet all requirements of section I above, and earn an AKC title whether in conformation, obedience, agility, Therapy (THD) or other performance event.

B.  Stars can be added to the Bronze ROM for attainment of additional titles in the performance or conformation area for which the original Bronze award was given.  ie  – if the original award was for a CD, a star would be awarded for a CDX.

3.  Silver Level, ROM

To qualify for a Silver level ROM, a dog or bitch must meet all requirements of Section I above, and earn an AKC title in two or more areas such as a CH. and CD

4.  Gold Level ROM

Given to a dog or bitch who has achieved a Bronze or Silver level ROM and whose progeny include at least four offspring who have also earned AKC titles.*

5.  Platinum Level ROM

Given to a dog or bitch who has achieved a Bronze or Silver level ROM, and whose progeny include at least four offspring who have also earned a Bronze level or better ROM.

*  If a dog or bitch has produced less than three litters, and is incapable of producing further offspring, then 50% or better of the progeny must meet the ROM level requirements.  Proof of spay or neuter is required along with a list of all progeny.

How to Apply

Allen Weinberg has agreed to maintain records for the ROM.  If your dog or bitch meets the requirements listed above, send the information to him in a single mailing with proof of delivery or via e-mail with all attachments in .pdf format.  Allen’s mailing information can be obtained from him via email (read below).

1.  Your name, address, e-mail address, and phone.
2.  Level applying for.
3.  Registered name of Dog.  AKC Registration number.
4.  Microchip number and/or Tattoo location and wording.
5.  Legible copies of OFA Heart, Patella, and Hip Certification
6.  Legible copy of CERF examination.
7.  Date AKC title was awarded.  Title earned.
8.  Registered names and AKC numbers of progeny if applying for Gold or Platinum  level.
9.  Health information as in #5 for each of progeny qualifying for eligibility for Gold level if applying for Platinum level.

If you have questions about eligibility, or questions in general, please e-mail Allen at a.g.weinberg[at]gmail[dot]com

Please Note: One plaque per dog per year is provided. If additional duplicate plaques are wanted for co-owners and/or breeders who are also FBDCA members, they can be ordered for $75 each at the time of application. Please let Allen Weinberg know about this when you apply.

Also, if your dog qualifies for multiple levels of ROM you have the option of applying for the highest level and receiving a single plaque, or you may apply for a lower level and then apply for additional levels in future years. Only a single plaque per dog is provided.

View Members of the Registry of Merit

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