Judges Education Committee

The FBDCA provides mentors for those who are in the process of becoming AKC judges qualified to judge French Bulldogs.  It is very important that those who judge our breed have the deepest possible knowledge of Frenchies.  The Judges Education Committee, headed by Virginia Rowland, vets and provides mentors and also other education programs for judges.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, fill out the mentor application. For the mentor application in PDF format, click FBDCA Mentor Application.

To learn more about mentoring, or to submit your application, contact

Virginia Rowland
P.O. Box 300
Templeton, MA  01468-0300

The Judges Education Committee maintains a list of members who are FBDCA Approved Breed Seminar Presenters.  Anyone wishing to request a Judges Breed Seminar at a show or event should contact Virginia Rowland (see above). If you would like to consider applying to be a Presenter, you may download an application form here: Presenter Application.