Supported Entries and Sweepstakes

Supported Entry: A breed club (parent or regional) that has held at least one successful B-level sanctioned match may support in some fashion the entry of its breed at an all-breed or Group club event.  Support can consist of sponsoring ribbons, prizes, or other items for winning dogs. A Sweepstakes may be held with a supported entry if desired.

Sweepstakes: A non-regular class, usually offered at specialty shows, which encourages owners and breeders to have fun and to show off the puppies and veterans that they own and/or bred. Winners of Best in Sweeps, Best Opposite Sex in Sweeps, and often all of the class placement winners, receive a portion of the entry fees as prizes for their placement. Sweepstakes are the only classes where money prizes are normally awarded. No AKC conformation points are awarded in Sweepstakes competitions, and Sweepstakes Judges are not required to be AKC licensed judges.

Interested in holding a FBDCA Supported Entry or Sweepstakes?
Please check out our guidelines and applications below:

FBDCA Supported Entry and Sweepstakes Guidelines
FBDCA Supported Entry Application
FBDCA Sweepstakes Application

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