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The affectionate and easy-going French bulldog is one of the most popular breeds in the world. The Frenchie is known for its short and smushy snout, bat-like ears, and chilled-out disposition. It shares some characteristics with the English bulldog but they are 2 different breeds.

The Frenchie shares the bulldog’s distinctive shortened, or brachycephalic, muzzle and its arched back. But it’s calmer and more affectionate, so it’s a great pet for different kinds of families.

You’ll find Frenchies on TV, on social media, and in the movies. But mostly you can see them on their owners’ laps or beds.

French Bulldog Characteristics

Group Non-sporting
Size Up to 28 LBS
Grooming Minimal
Life expectancy 10-12 years
Temperament Calm, smart, playful

History of the French Bulldog

Over the 19th century, the breed developed gradually from the English bulldog, and it was created to be a companion dog. During the Industrial Revolution, a lot of people lost their workplaces, so they moved from England to France and took their lapdogs with them. Some of those bulldogs were very small and some had erect ears that were not much appreciated in their native England. But in France, they caused a sensation, especially along noblewomen.

Welcome to the French Bull Dog Club of America!

Later the little bulldogs were crossed with some terrier breeds. They acquired the name bouledogue français and gained an interesting reputation. There were rumors that those dogs were companions to ladies of the night. And they wore some very fancy collars with a big ruff around them that was made from real badger fur.

When the Frenchie was developed in Europe, it came to the USA. Wealthy Americans visiting Paris also fell in love with the bouledogue français. Society ladies began importing them to the USA where they were bred and shown under the re-Anglicized name. The breed was a favorite of NY’s most refined social circles and was officially recognized by the American kennel club AKC in 1898.

A guide to French bulldog care: tips for owning a happy dog

The weight of the small bulldog should not be less than 8 kilos and not greater than 14 for both males and females. The size should be proportional to its weight.

The hair of the French bulldog is striking and beautiful. It’s dense, tight, and satin-smooth to the touch. According to the standard of Frenchies, their coat can be fawn, brindled, or have white spotting. Their haircare is easy and simple:

  • weekly brushing;
  • monthly bathing;
  • facial hygiene;
  • low-intensity physical exercises.

We need to regularly clean all wrinkles on their snouts to prevent dirt from accumulating. Whip them gently with a damp cloth or a baby wipe and dry.

Remember the following:

  1. The breed is friendly, playful, and affectionate. The Frenchie makes a perfect lapdog, also it tends to easily socialize with other dogs, people, and kids. Despite this fact, it’s important to socialize your dog from a very early age to prevent shyness.
  2. All Frenchies have a great need for company. So they develop separation anxiety very easily.

Exercise requirements for the French bulldog are low, but they need a moderate daily walking. And if you need some additional information, please do ask!

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The most common health problems in Frenchies

Like all dogs, French Bulldogs can pose health risks:

  • hypoglycemia;
  • allergies;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • eye defects including glaucoma and cataracts;
  • breathing problems;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • difficulty walking;
  • excessive wrinkles;
  • skin problems.

So you need to make an informed decision about whether or not this breed is right for you.

How much is a french bulldog

It’s no secret that purebred dogs are expensive but certain breeds can easily cost thousands of dollars. French bulldogs in particular can easily cost $10 000 if they come from a good breeder. The average price is between $2 000 and $7 000 depending on the health and gene pool of your future pet.

Welcome to the French Bull Dog Club of America!

There are many other factors that go into the expense of Frenchies. They are not like all other dogs: their females need to go through a C-section to deliver puppies because of their small hips and the puppies’ big heads. A female delivers 1—3 puppies per birth and because of this, there is a shortage of new Frenchies.

French Bulldog colors

The Frenchie comes in a bewildering variety of colors:

  1. The fawn is not rare but it’s pleasant to the eyes.
  2. Black is a classic color for Frenchies.
  3. Brindle representatives of the breed of no particular color variety have captured the hearts of owners.
  4. Chocolate bulldogs have a beautiful dark-brown coat.
  5. An Isabella Frenchie has a unique light brown appearance.
  6. The merle French bulldog is as popular as always.
  7. A lilac dog looks like a little cloud with legs.
  8. White representative of the breed looks fantastic but you need to be ok with all the bathing.
  9. The blue Frenchie always looks great.

If you think that we’ve missed some important information about the popular colors, please let us know!


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Fluffy French Bulldogs: why they are the most expensive

Fluffy French Bulldogs do exist and they are awesome. There were a lot of debates on the purebred nature of them but recent advances in genetic testing have been able to certify that no funny business took place. Fluffy bulldogs can occur in all kinds of different colors and can be registered with the AKC.


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Fluffy French Bulldogs are very expensive because they are trendy. The prices are astronomical! Fluffy Frenchies can cost $15 000 but some of them are sold for $50 000 depending on the color. Breeders see that as an investment because later you can get new puppies and sell them. But the risk is very high because something can happen to your dog or something can happen to its puppies.


The French Bull Dog Club of America is truly committed to continuously promoting the health and welfare of the French Bulldog breed. Check out our new Health pages, by clicking the “Health” link.

Founded in 1897, the French Bull Dog Club of America (FBDCA) is the oldest club in the world dedicated to the French Bulldog breed. User Manuals.

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