How do you hang out with your dog at home?

What are some of your favorite ways of hanging out with your dog(s) at home? What activities do you do at home? What does your dog do when you have no time for him?

My dog just seems to like to be near me. We hang out on the porch. Sometimes we watch people together, and sometimes I work and she makes sure no bad guys bother us. When I have to move around the house, she may follow me around to help. I’ve tried giving her toys to keep her occupied, but they don’t seem to interest her unless I’m involved. She loves walks, especially in the woods, but between outings she seems to turn into a stuffed animal.

Sometimes I worry that my dog might be bored. So I’m curious as to what others do with their dogs at home. Perhaps I can get some ideas to improve my dog’s home life!

Dont take your senior dog to the groomer

Hello Forum,

Today I wanted to share a sad life lesson I learned just about a year ago. I took my senior pekingese dog Lulu to the groomer for a much needed haircut and bath. Lulu was yelping and crying out to me as I walked out of the groomers shop. When I returned, Lulu was excited to see me and she looked fabulous 👌

The next day I noticed that Lulu was panting, so I tried to comfort her and calm her. The panting went on all night long til the morning. That morning I decided to take Lulu to the vet. On the drive over to the vet Lulu passed away in my car. The vet determined that Lulu had a heart attack. Apparently the stress Lulu felt while at the pet groomer caused her to have a heart attack. Something that is possible to happen to a senior dog who might have heart issues or just be of old age. Lulu was 13 years old. I didn’t expect something like this to happen, and I wanted to share this story to possibly help save the lives of other senior dogs. 🙏

Should I call animal control?

I was wondering if I should call animal control on my neighbors dog for neglect. Whenever I walk past this house with my dogs this dog goes crazy and starts constantly barking and runs back and forth along the fence. This is one of those metal fence so I am able to see through it. The dog will stop once we are out of sight and I also notice he does this to other people that are just walking past the house that do not even have a dog. The fence to the yard is right up against the sidewalk. I usually walk across the street to avoid this dog and even when I’m 50 feet away he still barks. The other day I thought this dog was hurt so when up to the fence to check on it and he just turned around and starts barking at me. I only saw the owner once tell the dog to shut up which obviously did not work other than that they are never outside with the dog. I also noticed that the bottom of the fence to starting to become loose. Is it worth it to call animal control on this issue for this dog being neglected or I’m I just overreacting?

If you were reincarnated as a dog…

…what breed would you be? 🐶🐕🦮🐕‍🦺🐩🦁

I always try to imagine the perspective dogs have of our world 🌎 💙 if I were to pick what breed I would be reincarnated as, i would be a pug. Because pugs are very loyal, and full of so much love. Probably a pure black pug. Named Oscar 😄😆🤣

And this is not crazy! A soul passes through many many animal species before being born as a human. So we can be dogs next time.

Do Reputable Breeders Ship Puppies?

Let’s say you were looking at, for example, a reputable Dachshund breeder. And let’s say you found a breeder called Delilah’s Dachshunds. You are planning on meeting the breeder, checking out the mom, asking questions on-site etc. They seem to be the perfect breeder, with all the appropriate health tests for the breed, but here’s the thing- they ship puppies! You of course will not use this service, but does that automatically make the breeder a puppy mill or BYB?
This is an example of the question of the question I want to ask. So what do you all think? Do reputable breeders ship their puppies?

What does it take for you to trust someone with your dog?

My dog goes to daycare which I feel good about after a couple years, as it happens to be a daycare attached to her vet clinic.

But in day to day life. You need someone to watch your dog for the day, or only a couple nights that you don’t think need boarding. I do not have siblings. Bummed to say I would not trust my mom with my dog…not completely. She loves dogs but is too scatter brained. I do have a couple friends I would trust. And my Aunt is the person I would trust the most with her.

How comfortable are you leaving your dogs with others? Who are they and did it take a while to gain that trust?

Why don’t people buy/sell trained dogs?

I was just talking with my sister today about something that I’ve considered before. Horses are generally bought trained for owner purposes, or bought untrained, trained, and sold. Why on earth hasn’t that ever caught on for dogs? The average person doesn’t exactly do a good job training a dog themselves! 🤣

granma and doggy

I have a two-years-old spaniel Emmy. I took her to my grandmother house for a month while I had a rest with friends in Los Angeles. I returned three weeks ago and was surprised cause my baby gained almost 10 kg in a month! This is terrible. I saw how difficult it was for her to walk, even to breathe. Thanks my grandma. We went to the doctor who said that he had problems with digestion and of cause obesity. It is necessary to restore the entire digestive system. Doc recommended to buy a probiotic. For more than 2.5 weeks I have been giving it to Emma. It seems to me that she has already lost 4 kg and began to go to the toilet regularly, she isn’t tormented by gases. That’s great, but how can I explain to grandma that she shouldn’t overfeed the dog? I travel a lot and can’t always take Emma with me, what should I do?

Generally how do you feel about French Bulldogs?

I’m looking for a companion dog. Are they easily trained? What are the downsides?

How can I ensure that I’m buying a healthy French Bulldog puppy? What should I look for when buying a French bulldog puppy? I’m worried because they are expensive!

The typical French Bulldog price is $1,800 to $4,500, with the average being $2,800. A Frenchie’s price depends on their age, genes (i.e. coat color), breeder, bloodline, pedigree and location. Their expensive price is because of a surge in their popularity over the past two decades.

This is alot of money to spend, so I want you to give me your advices.

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