Jonah Hill has a new love of his life

Jonah Hill couldn’t be prouder of his new “adopted daughter” Carmela, his French Bulldog.

“She’s incredible. She’s the light of my life,” Jonah told Ellen Degeneres.

Jonah Hill has a new love of his life, his French Bulldog Carmela.

Carmela can do more than sit and stay, which she does do very well, but she won’t move until Jonah gives the command.

“If you walk around the room, and even throw treats on the floor, she won’t move until you say ‘OK,” the two-time Oscar nominee said. “I don’t want to brag, but she might be a genius.”

The beaming papa showed off his pictures of his little pup that included shots from set and in the arms of Carmela’s Uncle Chan-Man, Jonah’s 21 Jump Street co-star Channing Tatum.

“He was kind of helping me whip her into shape. And she respected her more than me,” Jonah said.

The Wolf Of Wall Street star took the more motherly role with his dog and allowed Channing to lay down the law.

“I’m like the mom who can’t disappoint her daughter. I’m like, ‘I love her too much,’ and Chan’s like the strong guy who makes sure things don’t go too bad,” he explained.

The actor spends every day with his “best friend” Carmela and now he never has to leave her behind. Ellen presented Jonah with cuff links and a bow tie with Carmela’s actual face imprinted on each.

Watch the Academy Awards on March 2 to see if Jonah wears his puppy-dog accessories and if he wins for Best Supporting Actor.

Bullseye’s new family

A traumatised French Bulldog with a deformed spine has finally found a home after a year in an RSPCA kennel. Bullseye, the Frenchie was discovered with 11 other dogs living in filth and badly malnourished in a home in Great Yarmouth, England last year. Two of the dogs, Bullseye and Skye, were sent to Woodside Animal Centre in Braunstone Frith, Leicester, and both have now been re-homed. Skye was the first to find a new owner and the RSPCA made an appeal in the Leicester Mercury on January 10 for a home for Bullseye.

Joff Musson and his partner Terri Welch, of Clarence Road, Hinckley, saw the story and got in touch with the charity. Joff, 24, said: “We already had a French bulldog called Coco and we’d been thinking about buying another. ”When I saw the story in the Mercury, I thought it would be a nice thing to do to give Bullseye a new home and he’s settling in really well. I picked him up about a week ago and he’s getting to know Coco. She’s a hyper little dog and it’s a funny combination because he’s very chilled out. It’s the first time we’ve got an animal from a rescue centre and we’re glad to give him a new home. He has a deformed spine but he seems fine. He’s just lazy.”

Nicola Cowton, who works at Woodside Animal Centre, said she was very happy to see Bullseye find a new home. She said: “It was great to find a home for Bullseye and the response to the Mercury article was very positive. He has medical problems and with the congenital spine problem it was important he had an owner who could look after him. He’s a lovely dog.”

Bullseye’s previous owners, meanwhile, have been prosecuted by the RSPCA and have now been banned from keeping dogs for 10 years.

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